Fry someone's butt

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"I’m the guy who calls the shots here if you don’t listen, I’m gonna fry your butt."

Hello, does the "fry one's butt" in this sentence meaning something to you? I haven't got the faintest notion of what it means, when I put it in the dictionary, I got nothing then the page automatically turned to the search engine, also got nothing, is it still being used? Thanks
  • ewie

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    Hello Silvero. It's fry someone's butt ~ 'fry one's butt' = 'fry one's own butt':eek::)
    I expect he just means "I'm going to make life hell for you" ... literally(ish) "I'm going to make your life so uncomfortable that you'll feel like you're sitting on a fire" ... that kind of thing.
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