fter a demanding week chatting to China


After a demanding week chatting to China or yakking to Yemen there’s nothing ‘Poots’ likes better than whipping off his shirt, climbing aboard his trusty steed and galloping into the Soviet wilderness.
"Putin on a show at the athletics World Championships", metro.co.uk

What part of speech is 'chatting/yakking'?
Looks like it's a participle and it is the 'demanding week' that's chatting and yakking (not Putin):confused:
Why didn't they use a gerund?
"After a demanding week of chatting to China or yakking to Yemen"

  • omidnice

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    It is like "After a-demanding-week chatting to ...", and a-demanding-week is an adjective which modifies chatting (gerund as a noun).


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    Both constructions are possible. The ellipsis could be After spending a week chatting ... or After a week spent chatting.
    This would be a dangling participle, i.e. one that does not agree strictly with the subject of the sentence (nothing).
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