Fuck fake friends

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  1. thedriver51 Member

    Hello !
    Hope someone can help me out with that . How to say :warn:fuck something or someone in Russian
    for ex.:warn: Fuck fake friends
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  2. Maroseika Moderator

    :warn:Fuck as adjective - :warn:чёртов (more or less neutral), хренов (rude), долбанный (rude). This is not literate translation, but stylistic and emotionalanalog.
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  3. inerrant Member

    I don't think it should be translated as an adjective. It looks more like an infinitive form of the verb - to :warn:fuck; or the imperative. But all possible translations will not be verbs, because the verb послать that should be with them is usually missed out.

    Then, everything depends on the context: who is saying that, where, and talking with whom.
    - In some informal setting, with some people to whom you can trust, usually without women, children and moralists, it is possible to use the most rude form - :warn:нахуй: "нахуй работу", "нахуй фальшивых друзей". In all other cases this word is not used, and in the internet some of its letters may be changed for other symbols - like "н***й"
    - In more formal setting, the word will be :warn:к чёрту: "к чёрту работу", "к чёрту фальшивых друзей". But the moralists don't like even this word, and for them the expression ":warn:fuck something" will not have possible translations.
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  4. gvozd Senior Member

    По-моему, с одной "н" пишется. Нет?
  5. Enquiring Mind

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    English - the Queen's
    I agree with inerrant's comments in #3, both on the form of the verb and the context. The first word looks like an imperative to me too. It's a pity the original poster didn't give context or proper punctuation: there should probably be an exclamation mark "!" at the end of the phrase.

    It should be borne in mind that in some English-speaking contexts - some younger-generation American English speakers, for example, but also among poorly educated British-English speakers - some people use the word :warn: "fuck" almost routinely to the extent that it has lost its obscene sense and, in fact, almost any meaning at all. In their style of speech, it is often nothing much more than a "filler" word, or an intensifier for mild surprise or mild irritation.

    In my opinion, к чёрту probably covers the meaning and strength of the expression pretty well in most contexts in Russian. The English phrase may actually fail to shock very much at all in an English-speaking cultural context, whereas the obscene dictionary equivalents of :warn: "fuck" in Russian sound much stronger, I think. But, as inerrant says, it's all a question of context, and the original poster didn't supply it :(.
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  6. Maroseika Moderator

    Пожалуй. Это ж прилагательное тут.
  7. Kirill V.

    Kirill V. Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    In oral rude speech:
    :warn:Fuck fake friends - Нахуй фальшивых дрезей
    :warn:Fuck you - Пошел на хуй
    :warn:Fuck 'em all - Пошли они все на хуй
    и т..д
    BUT YOU CAN'T PUT THIS IN WRITING. At least I would never do so, except on this forum, and don't recommend you do

    In writing "хуй" is often replaced with "хрен". That you can write in an informal text (private letter etc.)-
    :warn:Fuck fake friends - Нахрен фальшивых дрезей
    :warn:Fuck you - Пошел на хрен
    :warn:Fuck 'em all - Пошли они все на хрен
    и т..д
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