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Hi all,

i have seen several threads on how to properly translate fucked-up and i don't think any of them address how it is in this context: If I wanted to read fucked-up stories, I'd read the Bible.

I know it is in its "messed-up" context, but what would be the best way to put this in Spanish? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you
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    The sense is "historias perversas" but a native Spanish speaker (such as yourself) will be able to provide a coarser term :thumbsup:
    Estoy de acuerdo en que el sentido aquí es "perverso", o "retorcido" o "morboso", pero en otros contextos "fucked-up" podría ser "jodido" en el sentido de estropeado, machacado, destartalado, etc.
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