fuckered in the head

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I'm reading "Zodiac"'s screenplay by Jamie Vanderbilt. In a scene Avery tells his friend the following sentence which is about the "Zodiac", the serial killer. I really can't understand what "fuckered in the head" means. please help me. The Zodiac sent them a code to break it and translation of that code is horrible. This is Avery's reaction:

Methinks our friend is a tad bit fuckered in the head. I heard he even sent Vallejo a code key to help. Impatient prick, isn't he?
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    In this case I presume it means his mind isn't working right. Fucked is a synonym (sometimes) for broken. So it explains his craziness.

    You little ripper!

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    Maybe it is, YLR. I'm prepared to hear all sorts of odd things from somebody who begins a sentence with methinks.:D
    Along with using ‘doth’ instead of ‘does’ like Queen Gertrude in Hamlet! Oops, she ended her sentences with that word, not started them. I beg your pardon, owlman! :D

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks!
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