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¿Cómo traducirían la siguiente frase en negrita?

"No es raro que se intente defender a usureros todopoderosos, diciendo que no son ellos los que tienen la culpa de que el oro haya subido al 1400, sino el desequilibiro entre la exportación y la importación. Se nos quiere aturdir con formulismos vaciós y cegar con fuegos de paja".

Mi intento:

"It’s not uncommon for people to try to defend all-powerful usurers, saying that they are not to blame for gold going up to 1400, but that rather that it is the imbalance between exports and imports. They want to bewilder us with empty formalisms and blind us with flash fires."

Me parece que tiene que haber una forma más clara de expresar el sentido metafórico de la imagen.

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    Adjusting your attempt to the proposed translation above:
    They want to bewilder us with empty formalisms and distract us with flashes in the pan.
    It sounds a bit strange in plural, though.

    Maybe it would sound better with a different phrase, such as distract us with meaningless trends.

    Another phrase that comes to mind is flights of fancy, but I’m not sure if it applies to this context.


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    One possibility is "distract us with smoke and mirrors." It's not literal but it's an equivalent expression that actually exists in English.