full container vessel

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Dear colleagues:

I need to translate the above expression and would like to know whether the idea is "vessel that carries containers previously filled" (assumably by the customers), or "vessel entirely used to transport containers"... or something else! "Full" is my problem.

Context: "XXX launched a tolling system, applicable to full container vessels and other vessel types with on-deck container carrying capacity".

Many thanks.
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    I am very sure that it is the second interpretation.

    Here are a couple of excerpts from a document regarding tolls for the Panama Canal:

    Full Container Vessel:
    A vessel specifically designed or converted to transport containers above the upper deck and that has permanently affixed cellular guides in its holds.

    Vessels with the Capacity to Carry Containers Above the Upper Deck
    A vessel that is not classified as a full container vessel, but has the capacity to transport containers above the upper deck.

    The difference is primarily that the holds have been modified specifically to hold stacked containers.

    Here is a picture of what I would call a container ship:

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