Full Gospel Movies vs Gospel Full Movies

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    Full gospel movies might be about the complete gospel or about
    Full Gospel - Wikipedia
    The term Full Gospel is a term often used to describe the doctrinal teachings of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity, evangelical movements that originated in the 19th century.
    If you are trying to say that it is the entire unedited movie, you might be better off with "Complete Gospel movies" or "Gospel movies (uncut)".


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    The problem with "full gospel movies," if you mean full-length, uncut, movies about the gospel, is that "Full Gospel" has a widely known meaning as a single phrase (see post #3 above). Using it to mean anything else will confuse people. If you don't want to confuse people, don't use say "full gospel movies." If you use it anyhow, expect people who read it to be confused.

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    oh, I got it. Using "Complete Gospel movies" or "Gospel movies (uncut)" or "Full-length Gospel movies", as Myridon says, would be better and can avoid confusing people. Thank you!
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