Full of it/Full of yourself?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Antonio, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Antonio Senior Member

    Hi Group,

    What does it mean "you're so full of it or full of yourself" I personally don't get it, what are you traying to say? Can you give me some examples to understand better the phrase and the context too?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. LadyBlakeney

    LadyBlakeney Senior Member

    This is the translation from Word Reference:

    to be full of oneself or one's own importance

    ser muy engreído or creído
  3. VenusEnvy

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    English, United States
    Being an English-speaker, I must comment on these two phrases.
    Although they sound alike, and seem to convey the same idea, they are different.

    "You are so full of yourself." I agree with Lady B's translation. Go with that.

    However, "You are so full of it" can mean two things.
    The word "it" in that sentence can stand for two things....
    "It" can mean "your own importance". This is what Lady B said.
    "It" can also mean "shit" or "mierda". When you say "You are so full of shit", it means that "You are made of excrement, so what you are saying cannot be true."

    "You are full of it" can carry two very different connotations.

    If I am wrong here, or someone else disagrees with me, please let me know.
    Hope that helps.
  4. edgewood81 New Member

    USA English
    To be full of yourself is to think the sun, moon and stars all rise and set on your ass. To be full of yourself is to be as self absorbed as I am. I am the only one who matters to me. I am my favorite topic of conversation. If the conversation is not about me, I make sure it is. If someone is doing something that does not directly involve, you guess it, me, I make sure it is !
  5. Psychologist2012 New Member

    Those that are accused of being "FULL OF ONES SELF" have often been cut down verbally in life and therefore their self esteem has suffered and as a result attempt to build themselves up by boasting about their accomplishments as their desire is to boost their self esteem and gain acceptance as they were not accepted by their peers, friends or even memebers of their families earlier in life. This applies to most people who are "full of themselves". This is not meant to be confused with narcissism which is entirely different.
  6. wildsunflower

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    Would you explain the difference between "full of themselves" and narcissism? Thanks.

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