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This is a common colloquialism in the UK (perhaps originally Australian, as it is used often in soaps there). After verbs it means 'very serious and enthusiastic, often in a way that is annoying to others.
Examples from the English site are:-
-"He's full-on", he's too much, too full of enthusiasm.
-"That film was full-on" - heavy, thought provoking.
-"The holiday was full-on" - busy, full of fun/things to do.
How would you render the above examples into colloquial Turkish.
  • Rallino

    I think "deli dolu" is usable in all those contexts.

    Deli dolu bir insan. Film deli doluydu. Deli dolu bir tatil oldu.


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    Thanks, Rallino, for your very useful help. Could deli dolu be used of, say, an older but well-intentioned mother, who comes to visit her daughter & insists continually on assuming what is right for her daughter & doing it, despite her daughter's protests?
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