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    I tried to understand what a Fun Packet is but even after searching it on the web I couldn't find a proper definition. It's seem some sort of recipient, a bag, with entertainment items or toys for kids, but I don't quite understand it. It has probably a more generic meaning because I saw it used for other purpose like the envelope that come with products containing manuals and other thinsgs related to it.
    I would like to find a good translation in Italian.
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    Some more info and some phrase to help you help me.
    The phrase I need to translate is from a videogame but it refer to some common phrase used in other context when you buy a product and some item/information come with it. I saw it used in other ways though.
    "Please refer to your information fun packet for a list of helpful safety tips."
    To me it seems it refer to some sort of kit containing stuff. But in italian I can't think of a word to describe it correctly in all its uses.
    I translated it this way, regarding more the context than the real meaning of the word, which I try to understand. "
    Sei pregato di consultare il foglietto informativo per una lista di utili consigli sulla sicurezza." It will probably works but I would like be closer to the real meaning once I have discovered it.

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    Mi fa pensare a "pacco sorpresa" che quando ero piccola veniva venduto dal giornalaio ed era un sacchetto del quale non si consoceva esattamente il contenuto e conteneva un mix di vari giochini/pupazzetti/libricini. Esiste ancora? Non lo so. Non so se qui può funzionare.

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