fun, urusai! watashi

  • virus-2k said:
    ".. fun, urusai! watashi wo dakishimete"

    "Fun" is onomatopoeia for the sound of turning your head up at someone.

    "urusai!" literally means "loud" (and implies "be quiet/shut up"), used like "yakamashii."

    "Watashi wo dakishimete" = hug / embrace me.

    Did you get yourself a Japanese girlfriend? ;)
    hmm... not a japanese girlfriend but she likes to speak japanese cause she belive that i dont know what she's talking about :D
    thanks.. can you also say what "omoikitte yatta ra" means? :)

    i also have to know what "anata mo sou kanjite kurereba" means.. i think she's unhappy? :/
    omoikitte yatta ra --- Why don't you get up courage to do something.
    from omoikitte yaru [determine and do] + tara [what if]

    anata mo sou kanjite kurereba --- (Would be great,) if you feel that way also.

    You have a nice interlocuter.
    Hi !
    In my opinion, "omoikitte yatta ra" means " if I have the courage to...(say something with you,virus-2k)".
    And "anata mo sou kanjite kurereba" means "if you feel the same I do..."
    "kurereba" shows that she wants to receive your feeling like the way she does toward you.
    I think that she has good feeling with you.
    hm... well i think with her current nickname "....ii masen =P mou shitteru yo ^-^" that has been translatet in a other thread thats definitely :D

    thanks @all :)

    god im so happy :)