funcionario autorizante


Canada, English
How would one translate "funcionario autorizante" into English?
the context is a marriage certificate:

"Nombre y apellidos del funcionario autorizante:"

I was thinking "authorizing official" or "official performing ceremony"... any ideas?

  • Saffron

    English - United States
    "Officiant" works well for a marriage certificate or similar.

    From Wikipedia:
    An officiant is someone who officiates at (i.e. leads) a service or ceremony, such as marriage, burial, or namegiving/baptism. Officiants may be ordained by any denomination as members of their clergy, or by secular/Humanist or Interfaith/Interspiritual religious bodies. Officiants differ from Chaplains in that Officiants serve the unaffiliated public at large, while Chaplains are usually employed by an institution such as the military, a hospital or other health care facility, etc. The term "Officiant" also includes Justices of the Peace, celebrants, notaries, and other people empowered by law to perform legally-binding private ceremonies.

    In other cases (such as legal settlements), "Notary Public" might be more appropriate.