Funded Account Balance


Hi there!
Funded account balance
I am translating the payment section of a website and I don´t know how to translate this payment method into Spanish. Could anyone help?

Thanks a lot!
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    Can you provide more context?
    whose account is it? (a customer‘s account or the website provider’s account) and how is it funded and by whom?



    Thank you for your response. Please see the following sentence to help you understand it better:

    Frequent users of the xxxxxx platform often prefer to maintain a balance with xxxxxx. To do so, a user can simply add funds to their account via credit card, PayPal, check, or wire transfer in the “Add Funds” tab here.

    My translation: "cuenta financiada", but I am not totally sure if this is correct. If you can help after providing context, I´d be very grateful :)


    Joe Esquire

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    When we say an account has been “funded”, it means that it has received or been credited with funds (money). In Spanish, as you may know, there is no exact equivalent verb for “to fund”.

    In your context , the user’s account is first is opened on the platform, and then may be funded from a variety of possible sources.

    ”cuenta financiada “ may work in some cases, but it also means an account that is receiving credit/margin funds, as in a brokerage account, trading on margin.
    I would say:
    Funded account : “Cuenta habilitada con fondos“.
    Funded Account Balance: “Saldo de la cuenta habilitada”.