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How would you say "fundraising" or "fund raising"? As in the sentence:

"The fund raising department has brought in $25,000 for the project."

Could it be "O departamento de levantamento de fundos..."?

Or "O departamento de arrecadação de fundos..."?

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    I'm afraid I don’t entirely agree with uchi.m. You see, when one "arrecada fundos" the connotation (*) is that said funds are one's due (taxed, box office take, etc.). It generally lacks the solicitation element present in fundraising. As usual, the problem is that, although this kind of activity does exist in Brazil and countries other that the US, is not nearly as pervasive as it is in all walks of American life. As a result, there tends to be some imitation of American ways (nothing wrong with emulating the experienced), and the terminology tends to be adapted. I have seen the other one you proposed:
    Departamento de Levantamento de Fundos
    In verbal form there is the well-established "angariar fundos" but, in my limited opinion, both "angariação" and "angariamento" sound terrible.

    (*) I'm sure someone can find some dictionary where "arrecadar" is equated to "angariar". As I said it's a subtle matter of connotation.

    Later: In fact, according to PRIBERAM,
    "arrecadar" means either "to keep", "to pocket", "to take possession", or "to receive"
    "angariar" means either "to do your best to reap/obtain" or "to recruit/enlist/conscript".
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