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    What's the difference between a furgón and furgoneta? WordReference gives an ambigous definition, and I can't really find anything in the forms. Although when you look up furgón it has (Ferrocaril) beside it. Does it have to do with Railraods and furgoneta have to do with vans (such as on the road) Or can they be used interchangibly? Ah! Thanks for the help!
    -Perdido en la tierra de vans...Perrito
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    Well in México they're not fully interchangeable (at lkeast not commonly) but I think that in other Southamerican countries as well as in Spain they might be so.

    In México:
    Furgón: The last car of a train. Used to keep luggage or as a special room for the crew. Also called Furgón de cola(tail) por que va al final del tren.:)

    Furgoneta: A small van. Specially the ones used as cargo vans. Lately they don't even look like vans, they have the front of a car, an the back part is bigger in order to carry more load. (such as Reanult kangoo or Mercedes Sprinter)
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    Thanks a lot you've helped out a lot!!
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    In México the last car of a train is called "cabús", from the English "caboose" and is usually used by the crew. It is so, that the rear end of the human body is colloquially called "el cabús".

    In Tehuacán, in the State of Puebla, I still can see freight trains with a caboose.

    The word furgoneta is not used in Mexico. When I have visited Ecuador, my friends and I have rented a furgoneta, for up to eight passengers and another one for the luggage.

  5. pejeman

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    Furgon is a box car.

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    "Furgoneta" is a small van. "Furgón" is bigger, between a "furgoneta" and a truck, and usually the cabin is separated from the load room (but still being "monobody").


  7. evitap Senior Member

    Según mis pesquisas, en Colombia, una furgoneta equivale a las fotos de una 'cargo van'; un furgón equivale a un 'box truck'.

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