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What is the meaning of this verb? Thanks

"If you can swear (though, swearing, all men doubt you)
It wasn't you who slicked the keeper's shin,
If you can furk and not get killed while furking,
Or being fisted, fist's back again,"

("Wall Game", The Complete Works of George Orwell, by George Orwell)
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    It's a term relating to the Eton Wall Game, bloomcountry. From the Wiki article Eton wall game:

    The aim of the game is to move the ball towards the opponents' end of the playing area. In those last few yards of the field is an area called the "calx". [...]

    The main game consists of the two sets of players forming a rugby-style scrummage (called a "Bully") in which neither team may "furk" the ball, which is to hook it backwards (except in Calx, where a different type of Bully called a Calx Bully occurs).
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