Furnish the clew/clue

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The phrase comes from an article by John Dewey (the philosopher and educator). I'll put the full paragraph in if it's okay:

"(1) <<...>> (2) Consequently any correspondence or correlation that can be made out between the brain processes and the object of conscious perception (the so-called conscious content or representation) must be in terms of correspondence of modes of movement. (3) The nervous process concerned in the act of perception must be describable, in other words, in a way analogous to the peculiar type of action that is exhibited in the perceived object. (4) The marks that distinguish cortical action from the so-called reflex action of the lower structures furnish the clew. (5) In the latter, the incoming movement is shunted at once into a return movement. (6) <<...>>"

I really can't seem to be able to understand it. Any help will be much appreciated!
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    Are you still confused by "furnish the clew" or by the meaning of the whole passage, which, it being a technical text, isn't surprising.
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