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Is there a difference between " a piece of furniture" and " an article of furniture" ?
  • maxiogee

    I would see "an article of furniture" as an item on its own, say a table or a dresser. "A piece of furniture" could encompass anything from a table or dresser to one part of a suite of furniture, say one of eight dining room chairs, or one armchair of a set comprising two armchairs and a sofa. "Piece" tends to be used for "bits" of something.


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    The use of "bits and pieces" together is also quite common, such as - I need a few bits and pieces of furniture for my new apartment.

    A completely different meaning - I'm in bits and pieces - meaning I'm distressed/very stressed. To which some unsympathetic person may reply - "Get your act together!" or "Pull yourself together!" Nothig to do with the original question.:)


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    - I'm in bits and pieces - meaning I'm distressed/very stressed.

    We would say I'm in bits, but not I'm in bits and pieces, only in bits


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    I never heard 'article of furniture' before,usually,we even say:a piece of article,so you figure it out! hahahaha


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    There's not much difference, but 'piece of furniture' is much more common. I think you would only see 'article of furniture' in, say, something formal like an inventory.
    I agree: if you say 'article of furniture' you are trying to make it sound rather grand, probably because you are trying to sell it. 'Article' is a fancier word than 'piece'.
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