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    The given expression seems to be "nothing could be further from the truth", but can it also be "farther from the truth" ?
    The Free Dictionary says : If we speak of a statement that is far from the truth, for example, we should also allow the use of farther in a sentence such as Nothing could be farther from the truth. But Nothing could be further from the truth is so well established as to seem a fixed expression.
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    Personally, I make no great distinction between 'further' and 'farther' - I always assumed they were one and the same in terms of etymology and meaning; 'farther' being simply a more archaic spelling. But a quick Google search tells me I'm probably wrong - the first 5 results for 'farther' all seem to have something to do with the difference between the two.

    Here's the search, if you want to take a look at what some others say:

    Hope that helps,
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    If you look at the forum threads about farther further you will see that if there is a physical distance involved you may use farther or further.
    If it is a figurative distance you should use only further.

    Even though we talk about something being far from the truth, it is a figure of speech, no physical distance being involved, so we should not say "nothing is farther from the truth."
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    Thank you Istarion.
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  5. boozer Senior Member

    Panjandrum's statement is both normative :) and true. It says more or less everything that can be said. I totally agree.
  6. aircraftman3 New Member

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    Further refers to metaphorical things, whereas Farther refers to countable distance-

    The only shop in the village is much farther than we thought.

    This idea goes much more further than we initially thought.

    regards, AK
  7. JulianStuart

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    Further is a "corruption or more modern form" of "forther", the comparative form of forth

    (Definition: forth: as adv. 1. forward in place, time, order, or degree)

    Farther is a "corruption or more modern form" of "farrer", the comparative of far, as in distant.

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