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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Silverobama, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Silverobama

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    Just now I talked a friend who used to study in U.S.

    He told me "to say further your study" is wrong, not common. Because I said

    I want to further my study because I can't find a job now!

    Is it okay but not idiomatic to say so? To use "further"
  2. johnydynamic Senior Member

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    The use of the verb is fine, although I would expect "further my education" or "further my study of .....".
  3. EStjarn

    EStjarn Senior Member

    I think it's okay to say I want to further my studies. It means that you want to plunge deeper into them to learn more advanced aspects, or broaden your knowledge, as in these examples drawn from COCA:

    I'm going to further my education. Might be I'll go to divinity school. (Seen the glory, John Hough, 2009). To further my research into finding out why we're such pawns for all this improvement, I looked into who is writing some of this stuff. (Sing a song of self-help, Marifly Stevens, 1993).

    It would seem peculiar, though, to have such an urge because you can't find a job. Instead, I'd expect a more neutral verb such as continue in that context: I want to continue my studies because I can't find a job now.
  4. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    Hello, Silver. I basically agree with Johnny Dynamic and EStjarn. I'd say "continue my studies" in this statement. JD's "further my education" also sounds good.

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