'Furthermore' and 'in addition to' in the same sentence


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Hello everyone!

I am applying for jobs and wrote the following sentence for a cover letter:

Furthermore, in addition to my proficiency in Photoshop, Indesign and other standard design software, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for the beauty industry in particular.

As a non english native, I'm not sure if the use of furthermore followed by in addition to is confusing or not.
I asked a couple of English people and they don't seem to agree on this issue...

Could I have some opinions on this please?

Thank you! :)
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    Not confusing to me. It would require that there is an item referenced prior to the "furthermore".


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    It depends on what has gone before. Since we don't know how many passions, enthusiasms and skills you have mentioned previously, we cannot tell if "furthermore" is appropriate. If it is, it does not prevent you using "in addition to" in the way you have used it. The meanings of "furthermore" and "in addition to" are separate concepts which are not mutually exclusive.


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    Thank you very much for your comments! It was really helpful already! :)

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