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Bonjour !

What does this mean?
1) "S'il y a un fusible défectueux dans l'unité, trouver la cause et prendre les mesures appropriées avant de le remplacer"
2) "Symptômes d'un fusible défectueux"

The context is troubleshooting an electronic device's operation using the condition of fuses as well as error messages.

Off the top of my head, from the context, I assume it means "blown fuse" but I can't find any sources to confirm that and instead am finding many instances of "defective fuse" (which to me indicates the fuse has always been faulty so there would be no cause to be found in the unit - per sentence 1).

If "blown fuse" is not correct, I would really appreciate an explanation of "fusible défectueux."

Thank you :)
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    To me, "fusible défectueux" means "defective fuse", meaning that the fuse is not reliable anymore and so that you can't trust it. At times it may work, at times it does not.
    But if Garoubet is right (he might perfectly be;)), then the rest of the sentence is awkward since a defective fuse has probably only to be replaced (removed and replaced by another one, instead).
    To put it the other way round, if Garoubet is right, the author should have used another expression such as : si un fusible est HS, si un fusible est mort, si un fusible a sauté, etc.
    The rest of the sentence (context) is more favourable to Garoubet's opinion. The term defective is more on my side, I guess. This being said in total friendliness, needless to say.
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    Actually I would change what I said and agree with Phil512. "fusible défectueux" is more and more used in place of "fusible sauté" or "HS" or "mort", because with the new electromagnetic devices the fuse don't blow anymore. You just reset it. Such a "fusible" declared "défecteux" means that the device is faulty, whatever the reason, and you have to replace it because you can't reset it. The sense is more "defective fuse" although the term "blown fuse" can still be used by habit.