fusillade of concentrated firepowder

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  1. essperanza Senior Member

    spain spanish
    ¿Cómo traduciríais "fusillade of concentrated firepowder"? La frase completa es: "During one IRA attack, all eight terrorists were cut down in an SAS fusillade of concentrated firepowder".

    Muchas gracias!
  2. lafert Senior Member

    at the edge
    Spanish Uruguay
    "una ráfaga de fuego concentrado", podría ser.
    firepowder or firepower?
  3. Txiri

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    USA English
    I was curious what the SAS is.
  4. essperanza Senior Member

    spain spanish
    the SAS is an elite special forces regiment from england. ¨Special Air Service¨. The american equivalent is the ¨Delta Force¨
    Also I meant firepower. thanks

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