Future pacing

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Honduras - Spanish
Hola amigos foristas

Me podrian ayudar a encontrar la traducción apropiada al español de la frase future pacing. La oración que estoy traduciendo sigue así,

I started future pacing (an NLP concept) this upcoming BIG event.

Gracias anticipadas por cualquier ayuda.

  • labrapalabras

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    Mexico, Spanish
    Encontré en wikipedia la siguiente definición de "future pacing" que quizá te pueda servir: Future pacing is a technique of asking a person to imagine doing something in the future and observing their reactions(...) You can also use future pacing to "embed" change into the future - to give the person an experience of dealing positively with a situation before they get into the same situation again. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an interpersonal communications model and an alternative approach to psychotherapybased on the subjective study of language, communication and personal change.
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