Future perfect and probability

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Is this sentence correctly formed in regards to tense? Besides the most obvious form of future perfect as "will have" is it correct to use the following form to express possibility at some point in the future?

"She might have gone home by the time you finally find the time to talk to her"

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Thank you
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    That all sounds perfectly OK to me, yes. :)
    Thank you for answering:)
    If it's not too much trouble could you please provide more examples where "might have been/done" would be used to talk about future events from the present moment?
    Thank you


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    It really depends on the context, but we use modals other than would with the perfective aspect when we're looking back from a point in time.

    We'll meet again next month. We might have made some progress by then.
    I'll call him at 6. He should have landed by then.

    (these refer to the future)

    It's getting late. They should have arrived by now.
    He still hasn't arrived. He must have missed his train.

    (these refer to the present)

    He said he couldn't catch his connecting flight. He must have been delayed at customs.
    I'm not feeling well. I must have caught the flu.

    (these refer to the past)
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