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Hello everyone..

I'm wondering whether future continuous has negative form like;
<I won't have been in HK for half year by the time I go to Aus for education.>
Is it okay to use in this way?Another example;
<I won't have been able to help you,because I'm going on a holiday in Japan.>
Is it compulsive to use conjunction such as "when","by the time",etc..after future perfect continuous?
In addition,do I have to add a time expression after it?
Could anyone help me out?
  • Thomas Tompion

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    Your examples do not contain future perfect continuous tenses, Jexrry.

    I don't think to be has a future perfect continuous which is often used - I will have been being, but other verbs do - I will have been talking, I will have been going, etc.

    I think you need to be clear about the title of the thread before we have a go at answering your question.


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    Thanks for reminding me that,Thomas..
    I've just realised that I provided the wrong title.
    Would you mind telling me what kind of tense has been used in the examples I give?
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