Fuzzy and wallow


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Hello Guys!

I'm reading a book called "Five Nights at Freddy's: Into the Pit" and I came across some words that were kinda confusing to me, not the words themselves, but how they appear through the sentence.
"... the plastic spheres were covered in a gray, fuzzy dust".
"... he was surrounded by little kids wallowing in the strangely clean and now brightly colored plastic orb".
Could u please explain them to me? Thanks!!
  • Keith Bradford

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    Have you looked these up in the WR Dictionary before asking? They both seem to have their normal meaning:

    Fuzzy: covered in loose, light, fiberlike or fluffy matter
    Wallow: to roll around, as in mud


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    Here is a very dusty old-school dial-up telephone. The appearance is "fuzzy". And that is what I am guessing the writer meant.


    We usually hear "wallowing" in something that resembles mud. Here is a hog wallowing in mud:

    Wallowing in a strangely clean and brightly colored orb is probably meant to be mildly amusing use of "wallowing".