fuzzy [fizzy] water

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    Supongo que es un error y es 'fizzy water' - agua con gas.
    No creo que 'fuzzy water' exista.

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    Needs more context.

    Fuzzy water quality index.

    Uses a "fuzzy logic" application to evaluate water quality.

    lógica difusa
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    Can somebody please tell me what the meaning of “fuzzy water” is?
    Way back about 1983 I was very drunk! My wife was going out to get groceries. She ask me did I need anything. I told her yes, I couldn't remember the names Club Soda, Or sparkling water, so I ask her for a bottle of "Fuzzy Water". She laughed and told me she knew what I wanted. First it was just a family word and as my family grew the words grew in popularity. I'm not sure who let it out of the family?, maybe our daughters but it caught on from there. BTW My name is Chris for the fact checkers and the word spread out from: Dalton, Atlanta, then Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.
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