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  1. aussiechicknow New Member

    english uk
    Is fyo a text speak in Filipino? If so what is the English translation?
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  2. rempress Member

    No, it is not. First of all, there is no letter 'F' in the Filipino alphabet.
  3. 082486

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    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)
    Maybe its "fyi" and the person who typed it just pressed "o" instead of "i". In the keyboard letters "o" and "i" are beside each other, unless its like a code name or something.... :)
  4. Wabli New Member

    If it's 'FYI' then it should mean 'For your information'.
  5. Of course there is F in Filipino. Maybe you mean the Tagalog ABAKADA.

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