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I just red in a novel about ancient Turkey, where sultan has to sleep with a "gozde" every night. Does anyone know the meaning of that word? Can it mean concubine? Thanks.
  • sarcie

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    Hi onceinawhile,

    Often, authors use foreign words to express concepts that there is no English word for. I think this is the case here. I looked up "gözde" on the Internet and found the following definition here:

    1. favorite, favored, in favor.
    2. favored one, favorite (woman).

    From this, I can deduce that it probably means favoured wife or concubine. In your novel, this might be clear from the context (the author would not have to explain it) or the author may have added an explanatory note. This is not uncommon, especially with foreign writers writing in English.


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    Sarcie is right.

    Gözde is a name given to sultan's favorite odalisque in historical context.

    P.S: "Ottoman Empire" is not considered to be "ancient Turkey". :)
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