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    I have been told that "Güzelinden Getir" is a function of the web site itusozluk.com & that it means 'bring the most liked entries - search - look around - stop'
    but, apart from knowing that -inden" means something like"...among them" or "...of them," I can't say that I've really understood the -in- part of güzel-in-den.
  2. I'd guess the -i is possessive: güzeli, 'its [ie the site's] good thing'. The -n- is then just the standard link to -den that appears in such cases (Bursa şehrinden, 'from the city of Bursa', etc.).
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    I agree with lapsangsouchong's explanation and here are some literal translations which may help to understand the nuance here:

    "Güzel Bir Elma" --> "A Nice Apple"

    "Elmanın Güzeli" = "Elmanın Güzel Olanı" --> "The nicer/better apple"

    "Güzelinden Getir"
    --> "Pick one nicer than the others " / "Pick from the nicer/better ones"

    Hope that helps.
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    I would like to add a few things for other users.

    That's an idiomatic expression. "Güzelinden getir" has two major using area in daily life.

    First, in bazaar (especially in the past) sellers did not allow the consumers to pick their fruits, vegetables etc. , so consumers (usually elders) use that expression to warn seller to put the best ones.

    Second, in tavern or in cabaret. you can use that expression for music , mezze, fish etc. When you use that expression for a song (güzelinden çal) it means that you are ready to have fun.

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