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    I was wondering if you guys could help with the following phrase from a song by Murat Dalkılıç.

    I've seen a translation of the title (güzellik yapsana) as "do me a favor". I understand that Yapsana means like "do" but the güzellik part confuses me.
    Güzel means like pretty or beautiful and I'm assuming güzellik means something like beauty or (feminine?) charm. Is the combination of the two an idiom? Or is it just slang?

    All help is welcomed and much appreciated.
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Merhaba chiflado :)

    Yes, you got it right. It's slang, and it has the amplified imperative, so perhaps we could better translate it as "Do me a favour, won't you?".
    Actually, the whole phrase is "Bi' güzellik yapmak" - the *bi' is almost always included.

    * bi' is the spoken language equivalent for "bir".
  3. tongaalp New Member

    Hello chifladoporlosidiomas,

    The word "güzel" can be seen with many words in English; beautiful(for people), fine, well.
    As you say "güzellik" mean beauty, status of being well, fine, beautiful.

    "bi güzellik yapsana" means "do me a favour" in a informal way, with a sense of intime request. you can't use it formally.

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