G8 - مجموعة الثماني

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I don't quite understand مجموعة الثماني

مجموعة is an association (feminine), الثماني - the eighth (ordinal numeral)? Why is there no feminine ending? If this is an iDaafa, does لثماني mean "the eight"?

Thanks in advance :)
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    For me, it's correct to use مجموعة الثماني or مجموعة الثمانية , because, both of them are اختصار, the full names are مجموعة الثماني دول or
    مجموعة الثمانية
    بلدان, it has not relation with مجموعة .
    If we use دول , you must say مجموعة الثماني (because دولة is feminine), and when we use بلدان we must say مجموعة الثمانية (because يلد is masculine)..
    Since we use دولة more than بلد, so, generally, we use مجموعة الثماني.

    (Sorry for my prosaic English !)
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    Thank you, I think I understand :)
    Just for clarity, الثماني or الثمانية are not ordinal numbers "eighth" they are cardinal numbers "eight". The ordinal numbers are الثامن، الثامنة. What is said here literally is "the group of (the) 8 countries." Remember that from 3-10, the masculine number is used with the feminine noun (which is counted) and the feminine number is used with the masculine noun.
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