Gaelic (Gàidhlig): Laus Deo, Patri omnipotenti, Alleluia, Amen


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Messieurs, Mesdames

Some years ago I composed a short anthem for a church choir, originally only to the rather elementary Latin words Laus Deo, Patri omnipotenti, Alleluia, Amen. Gloria!

As I now find myself (enthusiastically) singing with an a capella choir in Dundee which specialises in Gaelic, I would now like, despite the rather four-square Germanic harmonies of my composition, to offer it to this splendid Chorus as a possible venture for future musical exploration or performance. But it would be fun to do in Gaelic rather then Latin.

I have come up with the following, so far, as a "translation" of the original text:

mholadh n'amam Dia!
Athair uile-chumhachdach.

Alleluia, Amen. Glòir​

In the spirit and intention of the (magnificent and saintly) Faither Allan Macd. of South Uist and Eriskay...

But by heavens I could do with some help and instruction (rather, correction) in the language.

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  • Hi Scholiast

    Have you tried asking on this forum? There's usually helpful people on there.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, my Gaelic isn't nearly good enough (now if it were Welsh, I might stand a chance!).