Gaelic: If you mess with me, you will regret it.


Hello to all.

I'm needing a hand with these sentences. I would like to know which one would you chose if you would have to pick "The most proper translation" for:

("If you mess with me. You will regret it.")

(1) -Ma bheanas tu riumsa. Bidh aithreachas ort.

(2) -Ma's buair thu mi. Bithidh duilich leat.

(3) -Ma chuireas tu dragh orm. Gabhaidh thu aithreachas.

(4) -Ma chuireas sibh dragh orm. 'S sibhsa a bhios duilich.

Please Help me chose.

Tapadh leibh.

MacPhee :)
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    Hi, MacPhee.

    Late again. I've been brushing up my Gàidhlig once more (with special emphasis on the "relative future" :))*

    Of the options above, I think number 4) is the best: literally, "If you put bother on me - it's you that will be sorry".

    The only thing about it is that, as it stands, the "you" is plural (also, the word "sibhsa" should be "sibhse").
    I think it would be better addressed to a single reader, and then it would be:

    Ma chuireas tu dragh orm / 'S tusa a bhios duilich

    Up to you, of course. And once again, do get a second opinion!


    (*) Here, BTW, is the best place I've found so far to go to on the net for Scottish Gaelic grammar notes:


    Hello Focalist

    Mòran taing airson ur cuideachadh! :thumbsup:

    Tapadh leat for your help. It's verry appreciated :) :) :) Definitly worths the waiting. ;) Also thanks for the link.