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Hello! I am the granddaughter of Irish immigrants (Northern Ireland, Belfast area) and have also served in the US military for several years. I'm planning a new tattoo and have been searching for an accurate translation for the phrase "Woman of War" (English to Gaelic), but I'm having a hard time finding a translation that is not A) too literal/ contextually inaccurate or b) written in a masculine point of view. I was in Dublin recently and spoke with a tattoo artist about it, but after I mentioned my family in Belfast he refused to help me with the translation. Can anyone help?
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    I 100% agree with L'irlandais. That blog post is great as it mentions all the mistakes you are likely to get in your tattoo if you try and string it together from a dictionary or you get an opinion for free from some random person on the internet.

    Get in contact with a professional Irish translator and pay them to get the correct translation. It should be pretty cheap to get this translated, because it's a very short text :)

    This is website has a list of accredited Irish Gaelic translators: Seal of Accreditation - Contact anyone on the list for help and you should get a correct and well-thought out translation.


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    You may also find it useful to specify Irish. If you contact any gaelic translator, then they would give you the Scottish gaelic translation which would likely be very different from what you wanted.
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