gaillet des sables (Galia arunaria)

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OK, I know that "gaillet" is a bedstraw, so I guess that "gaillet des sables" might be sand bedstraw or beach bedstraw. The trouble is that neither of these terms appear in English sources, even with the help of the Latin name Galia or Galium. All I know is that it's one of the first plants to colonise the upper beach in inhospitable habitats in Brittany. Not in Keble Martin, Francis Rose, Fitter Fitter and Blamey, or Wikipedia.

Has anyone any idea? Many thanks.
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    Wikipedia says "sand bedstraw":
    Galium arenarium - Wikipedia

    Indeed, according to the French Wikipédia article, the "gaillet des sables" is Galium arenarium.

    The site Tela botanica also mentions "gose grass" as an English common name, but this must be a mistake, as I can only find "goose grass" anywhere else, and as a generic name for bedstraws.

    Interesting etymology for these gaillet plants, since Galium is a reference to the greek gala (milk), as the plant would be popularly known to curdle milk. Another French name for it is indeed "caille-lait".
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