Galego: vergoña allea


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Good evening
I do not understand, nor recognize the verb in what appears to be a proverb as follows :
A vibora negra, vergoña allea

my guess is :

To a black viper , shame ....(knows no bound ?? )

Thanking you in advance
  • ryba

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    Adieussiatz, paulvial!

    It is the kind of feeling you get when someone has done something (in your opinion) they should be ashamed of and, although you have nothing to do with that you feel ashamed yourself.:)

    Pois si, tras ver o que lle aconteceu hoxe a Maria San Gil teño vergoña allea como galego.

    in Spanish:

    Pues sí, tras ver lo que le pasó hoy a María San Gil, siento vergüenza ajena como gallego.

    "como galego": here he adds the extra piece of information that he cares because he's Galician (too).