Galeotto fu un bacio

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by annagarda, May 27, 2006.

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    Would someone tell me what Galeotto means in this sentence?
    Thank you
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    Hi annagarda and welcome:) .

    There is a long thread on "galeotto" here.

    The phrase is based on a line from Dante's Inferno. You can read the passage in English here

    Here's the definition of galeotto in this sense in De Mauro:

    1 agg., che favorisce, incoraggia l’amore fra due persone: motivo g., canzone galeotta
    2 agg., s.m., intermediario d’amore

    Maybe your sentence could be translated as it all started with a kiss or a kiss was all it took (for us to fall in love) but it depends on context.
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    Galeotto is a character of a novel who helped a girl and a guy to fall in love, so when you say that a kiss is galeotto, It means that kiss marked and aided the beginning of a new love.
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    Hi Annagarda, and welcome!
    Here (Dante, Inf.V,137) Galeotto means procurer, pimp.
    This meaning comes from Galehaut, in French romance the name of the friend that helped Lancelot to meet secretely Guinevere.

    Sorry, Moody and Paul: crossing...
  5. annagarda New Member

    Thank you all very much for your help!;)

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