Galician: Canto no berce


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Could anybody be so kind to help me with this song in gallego? I am Italian, but you can translate in either italian, spanish, french, english, since I understand them (but unfortunately not gallego! eheh!) It is a song for chorus written by Julio Dominguez, here is the text.

Canto no berce

Lembro unha nana mecendo as estrellas
entre noites de berce, berce.
O doce, o doce pranto dunha nai dende a escuridade...
Lembro os teus acordes que son como estrellas,
os pensamentos néboa.
Na noite, na escuridade infinita, foron calando os berros.
Mais enton mecéronse as estrellas na noite:
eres meu pensamento, mina vida, meu amor

Thanks to anybody who will be so nice to help. I'll be very grateful.
  • jonquiliser

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    I'd say something like:

    I remember a lullaby [I don't know what mecer is, perhaps a lullaby that lift] the stars [estrelas, not estrellas]
    Of those childhood ['cradle'] nights
    The sweet sweet crying of a mother from the darkness
    I remember your chords that are like stars
    [pensamentos da néboa perhaps?]
    In the night, in that endless darkness, shouts died off [=went silent]
    But then the stars [meceron - rouse?] in the night
    you are [es] my thought, my life [miña], my love

    Perhaps at least this gives you an idea though it's not a very precise translation (if correct!) :)


    Spanish. Spain
    I remember a lullaby that rocked the stars,
    out of those nights of rock a bye baby.
    The sweet, sweet moaning of a mother out of the darkness...
    I remember your tune, which is like the stars,
    and your thoughts that are like mildew.
    In the night, in the endless darkness, the moans slowly ceased.
    But, then, there were the stars in the night the ones which rocked:
    You are my mind, my life, my love.


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    Oh man... THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wasn't really hoping someone would be able to translate this! And so fast! Did you guys cheat? :p

    Anyway you were of great help, I couldn't find any translation whatsoever (and any meaning whatsoeaver)!

    Thanks Jonquilser and Alexacohen!

    Miguel Antonio

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    I remember a lullaby rocking the stars,
    between nights of rock a bye baby (berce literally means cradle).
    The sweet, sweet weeping of a mother out of the darkness...
    I remember your tunes, which are like the stars,
    and (your) thoughts mist.
    In the night, in the endless darkness, the wailing slowly ceased.
    But, then the stars in the night rocked:
    You are my mind, my life, my love.

    Please do not see this as a correction, just an alternative suggestion :)

    I speak the language, and occasionally write poetry in it.



    USA, English
    In Brazilian Portuguese:

    Canto no berço
    Lembro uma canção de ninhar balançando as estrelas
    entre noites de berço, berço
    O doce, doce pranto de uma mãe vindo da escuridão.
    Lembro os teus acordes que são como estrelas,
    e os teus pensamentos como névoa.
    Na noite, na escuridão infinita, foram calando-se os berros.
    Mais então balançaram-se as estrelas na noite:
    és meu pensamento, minha vida, o meu amor


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    galego, español
    Unhas precisións sobre o texto galego proposto:
    1. En galego é estrela (non estrella que es español).
    2. Entón debe levar til.
    3. A segunda persoa do singular do presente de indicativo de ser é es (eres é español, non galego).
    4. O artigo posesivo non é *mina, senón miña.