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I've recently moved to an arab village in Israel and I would like to know how can I learn some basic arabic. Is there any web page I can use? Is there any advice for a new starter?
Thank you
  • Hello,
    I guess you would probably want to learn Palestinian Arabic. I do not know of any online resources for that, but I do know of an (complete) online course for Syrian Arabic (which I belief is fairly close to the Palestinian dialect). And the best part is that it is totally free. We are not supposed to use promotional links here so I will send it to you in a private message.

    If anyone else would like to know the site, send me a private message. You also might be able to find it by doing a search of "Syrian Arabic."
    Bibi, what village are you in? I am originally from a Palestinian village in Israel, so I speak the dialect you are interested in learning (with influences from the Jerusalem dialect). It is indeed quite similar to Syrian Arabic, but there are many significant differences. That is, I'd definitely be able to distinguish between a Syrian speaker and a speaker of Galilean Arabic (which, incidentally, is a more precise identification of the dialect you want to be learning).

    Unfortunately, I do not think there are many resources available out there for Galilean Arabic. You might want to start by asking natives to help you out with a few basic phrases/structures - and, of course, by coming here and asking questions! I'd be happy to do what I can to help you.

    I hope you enjoy your time in the Galilee.
    Hello elroy,
    Thank you for your message, I'll appreciate any help. I'm living in a druse village, Isfya (Usfya???) near Dalyat el Karmel. People here are very helpful so I have started to learn some very basic things. Unfortunately they almost don't speak English and some times it's hard to communicate although it's much fun too! I would like to know if there's anywhere I can get an alphabet with the eqiuvalence to English or Spanish sounds-characters...
    Thank you again
    Hello again,

    The village's name is Isifya (actually "3isifya," but I don't know if you've discovered that wonderful letter yet!), near Dalyet il-Karmel - and what a beautiful place it is! You should look into climbing Mount Carmel at some point, and definitely sampling the delicious Druze cuisine. By the way, I'm from Sakhnin, which is not far away.

    Anyway, as for the writing system, Omniglot is a good place to start. Hope that helps, and enjoy your time in Isifya! :)
    bibianajou said:
    I've recently moved to an arab village in Israel and I would like to know how can I learn some basic arabic. Is there any web page I can use? Is there any advice for a new starter?
    Thank you
    Hi, I hope this is still relevant.The truth is I know a book in Hebrew called "Madrii7' li7'eker lehagiim 3araviyeem", the book is a translation of Jastrow's book whivh appeard in Duetch, it means something like "A complete Guide to the Research of Arabic Dialects", I think the book is great. It has a complete chapter on Palestinian Arabic, and of-course, the Galelian one. The book was translated by Rafael Talmon, if that helps you a little. All the best...

    bibianajou said:
    I've recently moved to an arab village in Israel Bibi

    I've just paid attention that you are staying in 3usufia. I think you can find lots of people who will help you. The people are really nice there. Besides, if you wish, I study at the University of Haifa. I can meet you so you would get the chance to practice the Galelian dialect. I'd be happy to help!;)
    look for a book written by Yohana Elihay (in english). i think it´s calles "speaking arabic" or "spoken arabic". it´s very good. he also has a dictionary of the galilean and jerosolomite arabic, transliterates into the english alphabet, calles the "olive tree dictionary".
    good luck

    no me di cuenta de que eras de España... si hablas hebreo el árabe te va a resultar mucho más fácil, y si eres capaz de aprenderlo en hebreo, el mismo libro de Elijái salió en hebreo hace poco, y lo pueden encontrar en el sitio web de una empresa llamada Minerva.
    de todas maneras,
    En lo que al dialecto de Jerusalén se refiere, ha producido el profesor Moïn Halloun (responsable del departamento del Arabe en la Universidad de Bethlehem) un curso en francés de dos textos (1995 y 1996) con casetas: Cours d’arabe parlé palestinien I y II. Mírese
    o aquí (Este sitio guarda tambien una pagina de resumen sobre el juego livre + cassette (editado 1998).

    As for the Jerusalem dialect, Prof. Moïn Halloun (chairman of the Arabic departament at Bethlehem University) has produced a French language course consisting of two textbooks and cassettes (1995 and 1996): Cours d’arabe parlé palestinien, I y II. The Web site of the second like has separate pages for the texts alone and the packet of text plus cassettes.
    The book Dale mentions is also available in English and German - I personally own the English version. It is a good place to start but there are several errors and subpar translations/explanations, so it should be approached with a grain of salt.