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Discussion in 'English Only' started by audiolaik, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. audiolaik

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    I'm wondering whether the word gallery itself might conjure up images of a mall or a shopping arcade.
    I'm fully aware that the word in question is usually included in the full name of a place, like Hilton Shopping Gallery, for example. (source:
    If someone suggested going to a gallery to buy, for instance, some clothes, would you read it as a shopping centre?

    I've looked the word up and found this only:


    Thank you!

  2. waltern Senior Member

    English - USA
    My AmE perspective:

    If someone suggested going to a "gallery" to buy clothes, I personally would be puzzled - I associate the word with art galleries, where artworks are displayed and sold.

    In the US shopping centers/malls like the one you linked to are *sometimes* named "(The) XYZ Galleria", in which case local shoppers might talk about going to "The Galleria" - here is one near to where I live:
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  3. Parla Senior Member

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    I had exactly the same reaction as Waltern.
  4. ewie

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    Me too, Jnr. (Apart from the 'galleria' thing.)
  5. sound shift

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    I'd be puzzled too. I don't believe BrE speakers would suggest going to 'a gallery' to buy clothes.
  6. london calling Senior Member

    I would be more likely to speak of a shopping arcade to mean an enclosed shopping centre/mall, but I have just found Leadenhall Market in London defined as a shopping gallery here (

    I cannot imagine myself buying clothes in a gallery either, however, although Gallery as part of a name as per the link you posted, audio, sounds fine to me.;) .;)
  7. ewie

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    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: That's an arcade if ever there was one.
  8. Myridon

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    As I understand it, the model for this usage is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy. (Wikipedia)
  9. audiolaik

    audiolaik Senior Member

    Thank you all for your help.

    That means the word gallery doesn't work in the context provided, but galleria does. Am I right?

  10. Andygc

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    British English
    No, not in BE. It would only be used as the name of a shop, not as a descriptive noun. It is clearly a foreign word, and not one that has been assimilated into English. I am most surprised by the use of gallery in the link provided by london calling, but I notice one or two flaws in the English that make me wonder who wrote it. For example, it more than once refers to the Leadenhall Market, but I doubt anybody in London (or Britain) would use the article in the context of that text.
  11. dn88 Senior Member

    There's a huge mall called "The Galleria" (<-- Wikipedia article) in Houston, Texas.

    The word "galleria" can be found in Merriam-Webster and some other dictionaries. Here's the definition from Collins:
  12. london calling Senior Member

    Dn88, Galleria is an Italian word for what we would normally call an Arcade. The most famous ones in Italy are in Milan (photo here, from Google Images) and Naples (photo here, again from Google Images).:) And this photo (Google Images) is of The Burlington Arcade in London.;)
  13. dn88 Senior Member

    I know it's an Italian word... I was merely pointing out that it is not completely unknown in the English-speaking part of the world. I myself wouldn't even dream of using it in place of "arcade" in English, as hearing it all the time in Polish is already enough for me. :D

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