gambetto incernierato & imbottitura automodellante


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Any ski experts out there? Context is the history of ski boot design and development.

"...poi elabora il Lange Flex, in plastica indeformabile con gambetto incernierato, e realizza i primi scarponi con imbottitura automodellante."

I thought perhaps:

He designed the Lange Flex in stiff plastic with a zippered buckle and then created the first ski boots with a form fitting lining"

Also would "scafo monoblocco" translate into "one-piece boot shell", again in the context of ski boots.

Input please? Thanks in advance.
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    De Mauro defines gambetto as:
    3 TS calz., ciascuna delle parti della tomaia che riveste il collo del piede
    so I'm wondering if it's zippered instep?

    Surely there are some Italian skiers in our midst! :cool:



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    zippered buckle
    zippered instep
    Here, if anything, it looks like the buckle, of the two, though that seems odd to me. I was expecting it to be a synonym of gambale, so the shaft which would also work with that image – it’s not as clear as it might be. I think the text supports this interpretation?
    Non solo raccorda lo scarpone con la gamba, ma con la sua inclinazione in avanti influenza anche la postura dello sciatore.


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    Anatomy of a Ski Boot
    ">> Cuff: The cuff is the removable upper portion of the shell, attached at hinge points on either side of the ankle".
    Ski Boot Anatomy | Jans Ski Expert Info Center
    A contemporary ski boot shell consists of two components: the Lower Shell and Upper Cuff. These two pieces are connected by a pivot point on either side of the ankle. Both of these are made of varying types of plastic and sometimes other materials such as carbon fiber.
    2a. Upper Cuff
    The upper cuff can be separated from the lower shell. It features a wrap design that sees two layers wrap across each other over the shin and the top of the ankle".