1. BeautyofGrace Member

    English- USA
    Hola todos!

    Escribí: Gané el favor del maestro porque estaba muy industriosa
    porque quiero decir: I won the favor of the professor because I was very industrious.

    Pero, no estoy segura si el verbo 'ganar' es el mejor para este oración. Yo sé que 'ganar' significa "to win" pero es apropriado en este contexto.
    Suena bien? Qué piensas?
  2. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    The use of the verb 'to gain' is correct and so is the sentence. Indeed, as a whole, it is perfectly understandable and, yet, I doubt it would ever be said by a native student.

    It has an almost medieval air to it; you know something like:

    "Thou didst win favor with His Majesty on account of thy industriousness!
    Yea, for sooth, what an industrious student was I!"

    We would be much more likely to say something like this, at least here in the States,:

    "The professor thought very highly of me because he knew how hard I applied myself.""

    "I got in good with the professor because he knew I wasn't afraid of doing a little hard work."

    "I really impressed the professor because he could see how diligent I was about my work."

    Best Regards,
  3. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Excuse me BeautyofGrace,

    I thought you wanted confirmation of an English translation!

    I see now why you may have wanted to maintain strict parallelism between your two versions for the sake of clarity especially vis-à-vis the non-English speaking.

    Yours Truly,
  4. BeautyofGrace Member

    English- USA
    Hello dinis.dinis. Thank you! : )
  5. Boludita New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Hola a todos:

    ¿Está bien si traduzco estrategia ganar-ganar así: win-win strategy?

  6. biyeroloko New Member

    English- USA
    yeah that sounds about right win-win strategy or win-win situation

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