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Does anyone know what phrase 'gangs away' means? A cartoon character jumps into the water, and while jumping, exclaims: "Gangs away!"

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    I don't know for sure - but I recognize the expression - old Irish or Scottish maybe - because my grandfather used it. It means (I think) Let's roll, Let's go, but in the sense of throwing caution to the wind. I wonder if there's a more precise definition...


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    I wonder if it could be a variation of the old yell, "Bombs away!" When I was a (rather wicked) child, we used to fill balloons with water and drop them from our second story window. We would shout "Bombs away" as we dropped them, but I've never been sure whether this was a warning or a boast!


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    Am I allowed to dare??

    Couldn't it simply be an expression like: people go away! (because I'm going to splash you with the water I'll raise by diving!!)


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    It should just be noted that "gang" is a Scottish word for "go", although I believe that "gangs away" is really just one of those made-up expressions that can only be understood by the tone in which it is said and by a limited group of people who are familiar with each others' use of language. The closest thing I can think of is as Joelline says - "bombs away!" They probably only say "gangs away" to be more original than if they said "bombs away"


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    It's like shouting "Timber!" or "Four!" Yes, it basically means "Look out! I'm going to remove this gangway/chop down this tree/hit this golf ball!"