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from a pharmaceutical company submission for an environmentally sound process for a tub room, using gloves etc. The text below is a legend for a diagram:

Air Actif TSA
DAS1 : devant le déhoussage du tub
DAS2 : à côté des aiguilles
DAS3 : sous le flux de connexion
DAS4 : grille du bol à bouchons
DAS5 : proximité sol
DAS6 : proximité sol

It also has the phrase 'gant bol'

I haven't been able to find this phrase anywhere! Also, does bol refer to 'bolus'?
thanks for any help!

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    I don't know if "tub room" is used for this in English; that is normally for some sort of washroom, whereas here it is a matter of opening "tubs" (special containers) obviously used for transporting syringes in this case.
    I don't see how the "bol à bouchons" can be anything but a "bowl" for containing the "bouchons". (However no idea whether a "bouchon" is a tip cap, the plunger or something else). The "gant bol" would then be "bowl glove".
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