gara secca

Hello everybody!
I'm translating a lot of stuff for a football team and I'm having troubles in finding some expressions which are of common use in Italian but which I don't think have a direct equivalent in English...
Could you please help me?

The terms are:
"gara secca" meaning those football matches (or are they called games??) when one team passes, the other fails, such as in World Cup's last days.
"passare il turno" which is the result of the previous action, so when a team wins a "gara secca" it automatically passes, or "passa il turno". Here on I found "turn for" as a translation but I can't find anything similar on google...
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    "Gara secca" e` bruttarello anche in italiano - io la chiamerei "gara a eliminazione diretta".
    Comunque in inglese e` "direct match".

    Per "passare il turno" si usa normalmente "pass the [first/second/whatever] round"


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    Gara unica/secca --> Knock-out game

    Passare il turno --> To go through (to make to) the quarter finals/semi finals/final//etc.