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    Hi, this is from Galbraith's Lethal White.

    Crouching down behind a parked Skoda in the deserted car park that served the garage-less street, Robin used the wing mirror to adjust the dark wig she had taken out of her backpack, then walked off briskly along the street that ran parallel with Albury Street, until she turned right into Deptford High Street.

    How am I to understand the bold part? There is a deserted car park (i.e. no cars) which is used by the residents of the street where there are garages?
    Thank you very much :)
  2. Tegs

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    The car park, which was empty at the time, was used by the residents of the street, because these residents did not have any garages in which to park.

    Garage-less means without garages :)
  3. lingobingo

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    Deserted means no people, not no cars. We know there’s a Skoda parked there.

    The street needs a car park because the houses (which are no doubt terraced) do not have garages.
  4. DeeDol Senior Member

    Eh, I made a mistake in my original post. Wanted to write "where there are NO garages". In any case, thank you for your help :)
  5. Hermione Golightly

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    Here's a picture of Albury Street.
    I think you have correctly understood. Town houses were built without garages in the days when there no cars.
    There might be a car park in a vacant space.

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