Garagendach (Fugenlaut)


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Hello y'all! I have a small question about the word "Garagendach", which probably means "garage roof"(?) . It's a compound word from two nouns: "Garage" and "dach".
I was wondering where the "n" comes from.
Is it percolated there 1. for reasons of pleasant pronunciation/as a "liaison" sound
2. Is it to mark a plural (I think the plural of "Garage" is "Garagen") - in this case the meaning should be "garages roof" (roof of the garages)
3. another grammar explanation?
Thank you so much!
  • Thank you Demiurg!

    A side question: can someone tell me how we say: 1 "garages roof", 2 "garage roofs", 3 "garages roofs"? - I hope my question makes sense.
    My best guesses are: 1 "Garagendach", 2 "Garagendächer", 3 "Garagendächer".
    1 + 2 are correct.

    But what should number 3 be? If you want speak about three roofs of three garages the second phrase is enough (in English as well, I believe).